Biokia Nordic Berries

Biokia Nordic Berries

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Studies show that wild berries growing in northern latitudes are exceptionally rich in vitamins, flavonoids, antioxidants and other beneficial components. Because of these health effects, Nordic Wild Berries are regarded as highly nutritious.

Our berries grow in the Nordic wilderness. They are picked by hand and processed with care. By using only the best quality ingredients and sophisticated manufacturing methods, we are able to retail the most beneficial characteristics of natural berries. 


Deep in the heartlands of the Finnish berry growing region lies Kiantama Ltd. - the home of Biokia brand. We manufacture and market safe, high-quality berry products. 

Biokia central values are purity, health and fairness. This means that most berries used as ingredients for our products grow in the unpolluted Nordic wilderness. They contain no artificial flavourings, preservatives or pesticides. The ISO 26 000 guide sets the standards for our social responsibility program. In addition, Kiantama is FSSC22000, Kosher, Halal and Organic certified.

It takes some CHARACTER to grow in a land of a thousand lakes, halfway between EVERYTHING and NOTHING. It builds PATIENCE to flourish in a country, where darkness prevails for half a year. And it takes PERSISTENCE to absorb all the ENERGY and POWER for the remaining months, when the sun never sets. That CONTRAST makes us STRONG. It‘s our WEAKNESS and it‘s our STRENGTH. And it makes us special.

Some say it’s the latitude. Others call it attitude. We know better. It‘s all about the latitude.