Biokia - Premium Quality

Kiantama Oy - Manufacturer for Biokia Nordic Berries

Kiantama aims to provide its customers and consumers with high-quality berry products. Our operations comply with the FSSC 22000 Food Safety Management System. We continue to develop our operations and our products with our customers’ wishes in mind.

The Kiantama factory is also both Kosher and Halal certified.

Since 1999, Kiantama has been a registered producer of organic products. The organic raw material is procured through the company’s own purchasing organization as well as selected suppliers in Finland and neighboring countries.

BV_Certification_EN15593serti-halal serti-kserti-rinki serti-food-from-finland logo-avainlippuserti-hyvaa-suomesta


Kiantama Oy has been a registered producer of organic products since 1999 and has the right to use the EU organic logo in its ORGANIC products.

All of our products are available in organic quality, depending on the availability of the raw material.