Empty Caps Company

Empty Caps Company


Vita Health is New Zealand's premier empty capsules NZ supplier. We are proud exclusive stockists for the Empty Caps Company. Our empty capsules are guaranteed to be fresh; never brittle or stale.

Our gelatin and vegetable capsules are of the highest quality and are fresh, and we sell them in a variety of sizes. Available in a range of sizes from 000, which is the largest, to 4, which is the smallest, so you can order exactly what you need. At Vita Health, we also sell capsule filling machines to match the size gelatin or vegetable capsules you order. Please keep in mind that each filler is designed to accommodate a certain size gel or vege cap, so you must make sure the two go together when placing your order.

For our gelatin capsules, they are made from bovine hide to ensure you that the capsules we sell are completely safe from such problems as mad cow disease. For our vegetarian market, or for individuals who for religious reasons will not use animal-based products, we offer vegetarian capsules that are manufactured using 100 percent hydroxypropyl methylcellulose. It's a tongue twister of a word, but in essence, the substance used in the vegetarian capsules is simply derived from the trunks of southern pine trees.

Both vegetarian and gelatin capsules are naturally gluten-free. Hooray!

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