Cap-M-Quik is the most popular personal capsule machine ever made!
The encapsulating system we offer has been in production and has been world-tested since 1981.

Here's what makes it's the best:

  • Light, Compact and Easy to Store or for Traveling
  • Virtually Indestructible with Everyday Use
  • No Metal Parts or Bolts to Rust
  • Optional Tamper Packs All Capsules at the Same Time
  • Fill 50 Capsules in about 7 minutes, or about 400-500 capsules/hr.

Capsule filler machines come in various sizes, generally beginning with size 4 which is the smallest and sizes 0 and 00, which are subsequently larger. Size 000 capsules which many call the "horse pills is the biggest. The 000 is, in fact, the largest available to the general public and it can be hard to find.

For the individual consumer who just wants to make some herbal supplements at home, a basic capsule-filling machine will work just fine. Most will choose either the 00 or 0 size. These capsule filler machines are lightweight, extremely simple to use, and they don't require any technical expertise. This is great news if you just want to make supplements for you and your family at home, but you don't want to struggle with complicated equipment.

These capsule filler machines are dishwasher safe (top shelf), which means you don't have to deal with washing them by hand after each and every use. Furthermore, they are so lightweight that you would have no problem traveling with them if you wanted to do so.

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