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Everyday Health is a fully New Zealand owned and operated, GMP certified nutraceutical manufacturer based in Canterbury.
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Do you ever feel like you’ve run out of energy? Do you get worn down in the winter and frequently succumb to coughs and colds? Herbal remedies and supplements can help to boost your energy, strengthen your immune system, and so much more!

As well as helping to treat symptoms of, and prevent, a whole range of illnesses, natural remedies can be easier to obtain than prescription medicines, as well as being more cost effective, and having fewer side effects. Here at Vita Health, we’re one of the biggest and best online retailers of natural supplements, herbs, superfoods, and remedies in New Zealand, and our everyday health NZ range is one of our widest varieties.

Everyday Health Supplements in NZ

Our everyday health range supplies a massive variety of natural ingredients and supplements to treat a wide range of symptoms and diseases. Supplements include:

  • Sea cucumber (for joint health and immune support)
  • L-Theanine (for mood)
  • Acai berry extract (antioxidant booster)
  • ProMum diamond (pregnancy support)
  • St. john’s wort (for mood)
  • Memomore (for memory)
  • PF300 passion flower extract (for sleep and anxiety support)
  • Best sleep (includes ingredients to naturally treat insomnia)
  • Raspberry ketone (for weight management)
  • Forskolin (for weight management)
  • Iodine NZ kelp (for thyroid)

As well as containing all-natural ingredients, many of our supplements are also organic, providing the added benefits of additional nutritional value and antioxidants, as well as avoidance of harmful chemical and preservatives that may be found in other ingredients.

Our everyday health ingredients can be used to improve symptoms and illnesses such as; pain, migraines, kidney function, joint and muscle health, cholesterol and blood pressure, anaemia, allergies and diabetes, among other ailments. These ingredients can also be used to help boost the immune system, ease symptoms of menopause, and improve day-to-day health.

We Deliver Everyday Health Products all over New Zealand

You can order any of our products online or by phone. We aim to process orders as quickly as possible and, once processed, you can receive everyday health products in New Zealand within one to two working days.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact our customer service team, or send us your question at info@vitahealth.co.nz and we’ll do our best to reply as soon as possible. If you want to stay informed about new products and offers, you can sign up to our newsletter (we even send out exclusive deals only available to subscribers) or head over to facebook.com/vitahealthnz to like us on facebook!

Here at Vita Health, we always look forward to hearing from you so if you have any feedback (positive or negative) we’d love to hear it. You can find feedback for all of our everyday health products, as well as detailed ingredients lists from our suppliers on our website, but please make sure to check the ingredients before taking supplements as inactive ingredients (e.g. tableting and capsules) may not be listed.

If you’re interested in a product that we don’t currently have in stock, please let us know. We’re always happy to hear about new products and we’re always adding new products to our ever-growing range, so just fill in a Product Request Form on our website.

So to get your everyday health products, just check out our website, or get on the phone, it’s that easy! And remember, we are healthier together.

Vita Health is proudly owned and operated in New Zealand. Made by Kiwis, for Kiwis, we take pride in bring the #1 choice for thousands of customers when it comes to buying health-related products online. We stock a wide range of industry-leading brands & products including natural health products NZ, kyolic aged garlic extract and maca powder. We look forward to hearing from you. Ngā mihi.

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