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Sprout Organic Plant-Based Formulas - WORLD-FIRST!

Sprout Organic brings to families around the world the option of feeding their little one's plant-based goodness.

Sprout Organic work alongside food technologists and food scientists to create the most wholesome, safe and enjoyable nutrition possible while meeting all of the required FSANZ standards, and approved by leading paediatricians and nutritionists (and real families like yourself!), you can feed your child with confidence.

Formulated to support the health and development of your little one without the addition of any dairy, gluten, soy or preservatives, Sprout is natural and organic nutrition, just the way nature intended.

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Infant Formula (0 to 12 Months)

Toddler Drink (12+ Month)

Junior Drink 


Is your infant formula nutritionally complete?
Australia has the strictest standards in the world for the manufacturing of infant formula which means for our product to even make it to the shelves, we have gone through countless testing and safety protocols to ensure that our formula is a nutritionally complete food source for infants. Legally, all infant formulas sold in Australia must meet the Food Standards Australia and New Zealand requirements meaning they contain all of the key macro and micro nutrients required for the healthy growth and development of an infant.

As additional steps, we move all of our products through a critical review process, where we’ve established a panel of paediatricians, nutritionists, midwives and of course, real mums and families, in addition to becoming active members of the Australian Infant Nutrition Council.

Where are Sprout Organic products manufactured?
All Sprout Organic products are manufactured in Queensland, Australia. Where possible we source local Australian ingredients as well.

Is the tin recyclable and BPA Free?
Yes, Sprout Organic formula and Junior Protein tins are fully recyclable and BPA-free. This includes our lids and scoops.

What does your infant formula taste like?
Our infant formula has a very neutral and slightly sweet taste being rice-based which is quite palatable for young taste buds.

Are Sprout Organic products vegan?
Yes, all of our products are certified by Vegan Australia.

My child has a dairy allergy, is Sprout Organic infant formula suitable?
We do not include dairy as an ingredient in any of our products, including our infant formula. We do not claim “free-from” dairy as our manufacturing facilities process other products which contain dairy, and despite our best cleaning efforts, there is a small chance of cross-contamination so we prefer to be 100% transparent about this.

If your little one has a sensitivity or intolerance to dairy but is not anaphylactic, from a product perspective, our formula should be suitable. As with all things, we always recommend consulting with your trusted health professional to decide what is best suited to you and your little one.

My baby has MTHFR, does your infant formula contain natural folic acid?
Folic acid (vitamin B9) is inherently synthetic, being the synthetic version of folate. Where it is naturally occurring it should be labelled as folate.

We are governed by FSANZ code 2.9.1 (Infant formula). As such, the code is very specific around folic acid (vitamin B9) as being a mandatory inclusion.

The importance of vitamin B9 is that it is an essential vitamin in its role around cell growth and the formation of red blood cells.

Folic acid is used rather than folate, as folate is not stable in soluble powder, it can be supplied in capsules and tablets because it is coated to maintain stability. For these reasons above it is a necessary inclusion in our infant formula.