Fend Insect repellent inspired by nature.
An insect repellent you'll actually want to use.
Long-lasting, safe and non-oily lotion.

All-day protection.
Lasts for 14 hours proven protection, Fend is the most effective DEET-free repellent available on the market.
Natural slow-release system keeps the repellent on your skin, not in it.

Safe for the whole family.
Unlike harsh chemical repellents, Fend sends a strong "buzz off" signal to bugs without harming you, the planet, or even the insects.
It's safe for use on babies 2 months and up, and for pregnant or breastfeeding mothers.

Pleasant to use.
A soft touch finish that won't leave you feeling oily.
Fend's hypallergenic lotion leaves no trace except a subtle, pleasant fragrance.