NZ Fulvic

NZ Fulvic


The NZ Fulvic story is one of dedication to good health and well-being.
Pure NZ Fulvic supplement is a first for New Zealand, and has already changed the lives of many. Through pioneering research with scientists, food technologists and universities NZ Fulvic have been on a journey to understand the benefits of our New Zealand's natural fulvic and unlock its human health potential.

At the forefront, Aamir Mirza PhD (Pharmaceutics), an expert in bioavailability, nanotechnology, humic substance, regulatory affairs; and Richard Lamar PhD (forest soils), an expert in humic and fulvic acids, have helped produce and perfect NZ Fulvic Daily Recharge Tonic.
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NZ Fulvic - Bringing You More Energy For The Moments That Matter

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Discover the benefits of NZ Fulvic

Everyone wants to feel their best and be able to live their life to the full. New Zealand is the home to one of nature’s greatest supplements, Fulvic Acid, which has been used in traditional medicine for years.

New Zealand’s NZ Fulvic is a natural tonic that recharges and restores your energy. It is mixed with mineral water to bring you a refreshing and beneficial tonic.

NZ Fulvic has many benefits:

  • It enhances your natural immunity and oxygenation of blood.
  • It supports your brain’s functions
  • It provides natural anti-aging by preventing the loss of collagen from your skin.
  • It supports your body’s ability to absorb nutrients.
  • It works as an antioxidant.
  • It helps your body to resist stress.
  • Plus, there are many more benefits.

This wonder tonic should be taken each day to recharge your cells, giving you an energy boost. It can be enjoyed alongside your favourite drink or smoothie.

Fulvic is part of humus, which is what creates healthy and rich soil. Fulvic naturally nourishes plants by dissolving minerals into molecules, which can then be transported to the plant cells, so plants can get nourishment from the soil.

Unfortunately, there is not as much fulvic found in food grown today because of agricultural intensification, which is why you might find it beneficial to take it as a supplement.

The fulvic seam found in New Zealand’s South Island is so pure because comes from a landscape that used to be covered in fertile forests, making it the ideal ingredient for a refreshing tonic.

NZ Fulvic have worked together with scientists, food technologists and universities to continually research and bring you the best tonics that supports your well-being.

You can get your NZ Fulvic in New Zealand directly from us at Vita Health.

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