Vivomixx - The De Simone Formulation is a high potency microbiotic mix containing live bacteria. The key strains in the De Simone Formulation are proprietary, as are the manufacturing processes and the precise ratios of strains.

Vivomixx, which contains the De Simone Formulation, is made in Europe under Prof. De Simone’s strict control

Key Attributes of the De Simone Formulation

  • Cultured from proprietary Master Cell Banks
  • Eight strains cocktail in specific strain ratios
  • Encompasses secret methods of manufacturing and processing

The formulation contained within Vivomixx was developed by Professor Claudio De Simone in Italy, a professor of infectious diseases and immunology. This is now known as the ‘De Simone formulation’ or DSF. He first invented the DSF over 20 years ago, which consists of a unique combination of 8 healthy bacterial strains in a concentration of 450 billion in each sachet and 112 billion live bacteria per capsule. This original formulation has been quoted in over 200 scientific studies over the years . The DSF contained in Vivomixx is the most highly researched probiotic ever produced. Not only is it the original but it also priced competitively with alternative less well researched brands.