Empty Capsules New Zealand FAQ's

Empty Capsules New Zealand FAQ's

1. How many capsules does the filler machine hold?

Each Cap-M-Quik Capsule Filling Machine holds 50 capsules.

2. Can the capsule machine be used for different size capsules?

No. Each capsule filler is specific to its capsule. For instance, a size '1' filler will only fit size '1' capsules. Size '0' will only work with '0' capsules, etc. Some confusion exists because there are only two tampers, size 1/0 and size 00/000. But the filler itself is exclusive to the capsule size.

3. What sizes of fillers are available?

There are seven sizes of plastic capsule fillers available; size 4 which is the smallest, size 3, size 2, size 1, size 0, size 00 and size 000 which is the largest.

4. How long does it take to fill 50 capsules?

Less than 7 minutes with a little practice of the filler. Challenge yourself!

5. What is the capsule filler made of?

The encapsulating machine is made of a very high strength styrene plastic. Filler and tamper are guaranteed for life. I've never had one returned because it broke!

6. I notice there are dark spots in my capsule filler. What are those?

When the capsule filler is molded, small pieces of white plastic beads are melted. Occasionally, a dark bead gets into the mix. It's the same plastic as the white beads, but does make what appears to be a discolored spot. Think of it as a "birthmark". It just makes your capsule machine unique!

Empty Capsules

1. How many mg (milligrams) do the capsules hold?

We chose to use a pencil and a headphone jack for comparison, as they should be easy to find most anywhere in the world!

Number of capsules needed to hold approximately one (1) teaspoon of powder:

  • Size 000 : 4
  • Size 00 : 5 - 6
  • Size 0 : 7
  • Size 1 : 10
  • Size 2 : 13 - 14
  • Size 3 : 16 - 17
  • Size 4 : 23 - 24

How many capsules do I need to hold a teaspoon of powder?

Mg is a weight measurement. The density of the powder, plus the capacity of the capsule (in ml) means that mgs can vary greatly. As an example, a size 1 capsule can hold approximately 300 to 600mg depending on the density of the powder. A small scale is needed for more precise measurements*.

2. What are the capsules made of?

The gelatin capsules are made from bovine hide only, which avoids danger of mad cow disease. Gelatin has been used safely for decades in such food products as Jell-O! Vegetarian capsules are derived from a very commonly used semi-synthetic food product called hypromellose, also known as HPMC. They contain mostly cellulose. Like gelatin, also safely used in commercial food products for decades.

3. Do you carry 'enteric coated' capsules?

"Enteric coating" is a process which is done after a capsule has been filled, therefore it isn't possible to sell empty enteric-coated capsules.

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