What Is Tongkat Ali Extract?

What Is Tongkat Ali Extract?

Tongkat Ali extract is a herbal remedy extracted from the roots of the Tongkat Ali plant, which grows in the wild in some southeast Asian countries such as Indonesia. The roots are believed to have the highest concentration of the active ingredient that gives this herb its properties and benefits. Tongkat Ali is also available in powder form. The leaves, barks, and roots are also sold in South East Asian countries. The extract has a higher concentration of the desired constituents than the powder or the parts in whole.

To prepare the Tongkat Ali extract, the roots are harvested by digging holes and uprooting, cleaned, dried, chipped and then soaked in water or alcohol. The solvent is then evaporated to leave flakes, which are milled to form a highly concentrated extract in powder form. The best extract for health is the one prepared using water as the solvent in the extraction process. Since this powder is very bitter to take directly, it is sold in form of capsules that make it easier to swallow.

The Potency of Tongkat Ali Extracts

The herb contains some active chemicals that give it its unique properties and cause its benefits. Scientists believe that these active ingredients in the extract prevent the brain from inhibiting the release of the male hormone testosterone when it reaches the natural level. This naturally raises the level of Testosterone in the body and causes increased energy, increased sexual libido, and increased muscle gain. Some of the active ingredients also have medicinal properties including anti-cancer, anti-malaria, and fever relieving properties.

The potency refers to the strength or concentration of the active constituents of the herb in the extract. It depends on the amount of roots grounded to extract the active ingredients that give the herb its medicinal, sexual enhancing and other benefits. It is expressed in ratio form and the most common strengths include the 1: 50 potency considered the regular strength, 1: 100 and 1: 200, which is considered the strongest and most effective in causing the desired effect in a short time and without taking too many pills.

Manufacturers use these potency values to market their products as effective in offering the desired results fast. However, since there is no scientific standard on what level of the active ingredients each extract strength should contain, it is hard to verify whether these claims are true or even have one single correct dosage. Different manufacturers and supplies also follow different extraction processes. The best way to buy a high-quality Tongkat Ali extract is to buy from reliable manufacturers who have certified test results.


6 Scientifically Proven Benefits of Tongkat Ali

For years, the natives of the South East Asian countries where Tongkat Ali grows in the wild have known the amazing benefits of this herb and used it as an aphrodisiac, antioxidant and medicinal herb. Its popularity has spread all over the world leading to an overwhelming demand of this herb as well as a variety of studies to test and prove its benefits. Here are some of the scientifically proven Tongkat Ali benefits.

Improves Sexual Performance

Tongkat Ali has chemicals that stimulate the release of the male hormone testosterone. The effect is increased sexual libido, desire for sex, increased stamina and enhanced sexual performance. The natives in the countries where this herb grows have used it as an aphrodisiac for years. In the modern world, it is mixed with other constituents in capsule form and taken as a cure for low libido.

Increases Muscle Mass

By increasing the level of testosterone, this herb promotes muscle growth and strength by boosting the results gained from exercise and improving the recovery time. The British Journal of Sports Medicine labelled it as having anabolic effects and another scientific study found that taking a supplement containing this mineral when following a weight-training program leads to a higher increase in muscle size and fat loss than following an exercise program alone. Bodybuilders and other athletes make use of Tongkat Ali extracts to boost their results and athletic performance.

Increased Energy Levels

Taking this herb boosts metabolism and blood circulation, which generate heat in the body, and increases energy levels by stimulating ATP, an energy production chemical in the body. When taken in the right amount, the energy increase is a positive effect that can increase one’s productivity and reduce fatigue. However, taking too much causes restlessness, fatigue and insomnia.

Anti-Oxidant Properties

Studies show that this herb contains antioxidant enzymes. Oxidative elements (free radicals) destroy living cells and can lead to infections in the body. The antioxidant properties make it an effective herbal support for ulcers, malaria, and diarrhea. Taking it also leads to an improved sense of well being.

Increased testosterone production

Testosterone is the male hormone that controls the growth and development of sexual organs and controls sexual functions. With age, production of this hormone decreases leading to reduced sexual function, bone mineral density loss, declining cognitive functions, and poor cardiovascular health. Taking Tongkat Ali reverses this decline and improves cardiovascular health, cognitive function, bone mineral density and gives users a general sense of wellbeing.

Medicinal Benefits

The native communities used this herb to treat malaria and other diseases effectively. Some studies have shown that Tongkat Ali contains ingredients that have anti–malaria, fever relieving and other medicinal benefits that reduce the effect of diseases and improve health and wellbeing.

It is clear that Tongkat Ali is a herb with many benefits. However, these benefits can only be experienced by taking the recommended dosage. Taking it in excess can cause side effects such as insomnia, aggression and weakened immune system. It can also have health risks for pregnant or nursing women, children and people with systematic disease.


The Ultimate Quality Tongkat Ali Buying Guide

Tongkat Ali is a rare herb that takes a long time to mature and offers many benefits and it is only natural that it does not come cheap. Choosing and buying the best quality extract is important to experience the best effect and value for your money. In most cases, cheap extracts are also poor quality and may not give you the desired results. Here is a guide to buying genuine and quality Tongkat Ali so you can experience the full benefits this herb has to offer.

How to Buy Quality Tongkat Ali?

Here are the qualities that make quality Tongkat Ali and the factors that determine the quality and potency. They are also the factors to consider when buying in order to ensure that you get a genuine and high-quality extract.

The amount of active ingredients present in any herb will vary depending on the soil content, rainfall, humidity level, elevation, the situation of the environment where the tree grew, and the health of the tree. In Indonesia, the tree grows naturally in the unpolluted rainforests.

The quality and strength of an extract will also depend on whether the tree was allowed to mature before harvesting. The Tongkat Tree takes between 10 to 2 years to reach full maturity and achieve the ideal content of the active ingredient. Trees younger than ten years will not produce the same level of quality as trees over 10 years. The best quality and strength comes from trees allowed to reach full maturity.

The extract should have low lead content and tested and certified to be free from E. coli and Salmonella. The harvesting and extraction will process will also determine whether the extract contains impurities and chemicals.

It is a good idea to buy extracts labelled `Tongkat Ali Eurycoma Longifolia Jack root extract’ to ensure that you buy the right product. The roots are also believed to contain the highest concentration of the active ingredient and therefore to produce the strongest extract.

The strength of the extract should be indicated on the package. For muscle increase and other athletic activities, the widely recommended strength is 1: 200. Other common extract strengths include 1: 50 and 1: 100

Where to Buy Quality Tongkat Ali

Tongkat Ali grows naturally in some southeast Asian countries, mainly Indonesia and Malaysia. In Malaysia, excessive harvesting almost caused the herb to become extinct. It is now an endangered species and illegal to harvest. In Indonesia, the herb still grows in the tropical rainforests making Indonesia the only source of native and high potency Tongkat Ali.

Ensure that you buy from reputable and legitimate distributors willing to show that they buy their products from quality manufacturers who have their product tested and are willing to provide certified test results.

Since there are no scientific standards, it can be difficult to find the right dosage or extract concentration and cycle that will produce the desired effect without causing side effects. Buying quality Tongkat Ali from an experienced, certified and reliable source is crucial to get the right dose and potency that will produce the desired results without the side effects.


Reported Tongkat Ali Side Effects and Health Risks

Too much of a good thing can be poisonous. Used in the right amount and for short periods, Tongkat Ali produces the desired effects without any side effects or harm to the body. However, exceeding the recommended dose or using it for a prolonged period can produce negative effects. For some people, it may not be safe to use this herb at all, as it can be a health risk. Here are some of the reported Tongkat Ali side effects and information to help you decide whether it is safe to consume.

Increased Aggression

Normally, Tongkat Ali increases the level of testosterone in the body, which makes the user feel energetic and as having an improved sense of well being. Taking the herb in excess can cause the level of this hormone to rise beyond the normal level and promote aggression. Symptoms of aggression include impatience, short temper, irritability and negative mood swings.

Fatigue and Insomnia

Insomnia is the chronic and prolonged lack of sleep. Too much testosterone in the body can cause too much energy leading to fatigue, restlessness, anxiety and insomnia and reduce a person’s sex drive, affect their productivity and even their health negatively. If you are just starting to use this herb, experts recommend starting with a small dose to give your body a chance to get used to it before you can start taking the recommended dose in order to prevent suffering from insomnia.

Raised Body Temperature

Some users experience an increase in body temperature after consuming this herb. In cold areas or seasons, this may not be an issue but it can result be quite uncomfortable where the weather is hot causing even hot flushes. Exceeding the recommended dose can lead to increase in temperature but sometimes this side effect occurs during the early days of using the herb and stops on its own with time.

Compromised Immune System

A very high level of testosterone can also compromise the immune system, which is your body’s protective mechanism against diseases. This is especially worse in people with an already weakened immune system due to a medical condition or any other reason. TONGKAT Ali is a health risk for anyone with an immunity deficiency.

Who Should Not Consume Tongkat Ali Extracts?

Given that Tongkat Ali results into an increase in the level of testosterone in the body, which also raises the heart rate, it is not safe for consumption by anyone suffering from systematic diseases such as heart disease, liver disease, and sleep apnoea and diabetes mellitus. Taking the herb can worsen these conditions by reducing the effectiveness of treatment and delaying recovery.

It also weakens the immune system further if taken by a person with an already weakened immune system. Pregnant women, nursing mothers and children should not use Tongkat Ali. If you are under any medication, experience allergies or have an immune system condition, consult your doctor before using this herb.

The only way to ensure that you experience the desirable effects of Tongkat Ali without the side effect is to follow the manufacturer’s directions, take the recommended dose without exceeding and follow the required cycle time breaks. If you notice negative side effects, stop using the herb immediately and consult your doctor.

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