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About Us

Welcome to New Zealand's online health store where it costs less for healthier living. We focus on delivering you a great experience using web technology to help make your shopping experience easier, fun and more rewarding - VitaHealth was founded to help empower you and your family to enjoy better health - naturally. We believe there is a lot of power in the natural world and that we can utilise this in order to restore harmony and promote wellness in the body - Welcome to VitaHealth where we can become healthier together.
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New Zealand’s Most Authentic Online Health Store

Vita Health is a proud family-run natural online health store that focuses on authentic health, beauty and wellness through natural, organic products. Our core values lie in providing top natural health ingredients at a fraction of the cost without skimping on the quality.
The health and wellness sector has been plagued with bad press due to companies that are simply in the market to make money off other people’s effort to better themselves and there wellbeing. 
However, having travelled to the Amazon and seeing the wonderful benefits that the products that we stock have not just on our clients, but on the communities where they are sourced - makes us believe that there is a genuine need to continue along our journey in this industry.

Natural Health Products from Vita Health

We stock a wide range of supplements, herbs and botanicals, superfoods and personal care products too so you’ll find everything you need right here at Vita Health. The brands we stock are chosen for their ability to produce high quality products that have amazing health benefits for the body and mind. Some of our most popular brands include;
Amazon Therapeutic Laboratories
Colloidal Health Solution
Dr Christopher's
Everyday Health
Good Health
Herbal Tech
Kyolic Aged Garlic Extract
Life Stream
Maca Magic
Natava SuperFoods
Nature's Way
Natures Way NZ
NZ Fulvic
Optimally Organic
PPC Herbs
Red Seal
Youngevity NZ
Solgar NZ

Why choose Vita Health?

We understand that there are a plethora of big brands in the health and wellness sector, however, we believe that we are a perfect choice because we have no frills; we simply offer incredibly good natural products that you can trust. 
Here are just some of the reasons why our customers love shopping at our NZ health store: 
We have variety
At Vita Health we stock a large range of natural products for you to choose from and we stock all of the popular well-known brands. However, what we truly believe differentiates us is the fact that we stock more unique products that you will be unable to find in other health stores. 
For example, our imported Amazon herbs have been used by Shamans for centuries and you would struggle to find them in many of the main natural health stores.
A user-friendly site
We have spent many sleepless nights ensuring that our website makes your shopping experience simple and easy to navigate. You can either find the product you are looking for through direct searching, selecting a category or typing in their ingredients etc. One of our favourite features is our Ailments section, which allows you to enter the symptoms and/or problems you are experiencing and we will suggest the best product for you.
Incredible prices
We believe that top quality, natural products shouldn’t be available only to a specific group of people; everyone deserves the chance to look after their body in the best way possible. All of our products are competitively priced and you will find that we are often more affordable than other health stores in NZ.
We’ve been to the Amazon
We don’t simply sell our products without understanding them. In 2012, we took a journey to Ecuador into the Amazon Rainforest, where we stayed with a traditional Shaman and his family learning about the amazing natural ingredients that the region offers and how they can be used to cure a number of ailments and strengthen our wellbeing. As a company that sells natural products, it’s only right that we go to the root of the journey and saw how our ingredients were sourced from the forest and we got to meet the families working so hard doing it.
These are just some of the many reasons that we believe you should buy your natural health and wellness products from us. If you’d like to find out more then simply get in touch and we’d be more than happy to help you out.
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