Maca Magic

Maca Magic


With over 20 years in business, we are proud to share what we have learned about our priorities and beliefs as a company. We believe that good health, endurance, and cheer are bounties immeasurable by monetary means and contribute to peace on the planet. It is important for us to honour the cultures and sacred practices of those who have been aware of these herbs for centuries. It is because of the indigenous people’s knowledge of plants and the way they documented them (in stories, songs, dance, and in their favourite recipes) that we are able to pass on to you these amazing botanicals.

One of the most harmful things a company can do to a small farmer is to pressure them to use chemicals or short-sighted farming practices. We never pressure our growers to utilise chemicals to increase yield. In fact, we promote organic agriculture and collaborate with traditional farmers who specialise in organic methods. Maca Magic products provided are the highest quality products, direct from the source.

In our commitment to quality, we provide third party testing to ensure the products we are offering live up to our high standards. We follow the strict guidelines set forth by such agencies as FDA (cGMP), Oregon Tilth (Organic Certification), Earth Kosher (Kosher Certification) and the USDA. We do this not just to follow rules, but to make sure we are always pushing ourselves to deliver the highest quality products possible.

Feel for yourself the power of the Inca.