Natava SuperFoods

Natava SuperFoods


Natava SuperFoods is a New Zealand owned certified organic superfoods company sourcing the highest quality nutrient-rich superfoods from around the globe.

Being passionate about quality and making sure all products are 100% organic Natava SuperFoods have a rigorous process of screening suppliers and growers to ensure only the best products possible are sourced.

As an example to find their heirloom cacao over 20 cacao suppliers around the world were tested and of these 18 of them failed because they were either not actually raw, organic, or worse not heirloom. After years of research, one of the highest quality and purest form of 100% raw organic cacao on the planet was found. The cacao is an heirloom variety of cacao that is wild harvested by locals in Ecuador on donkey back straight out of the rainforest. This is just one example of how good the quality of Natava SuperFoods truly is.

We invite you to enjoy a beautiful range of organic superfoods which include everything from tropical fruits such as macqui, lucuma, and camu camu, through to their superfood smoothies like Primal Awakening, super green blends and protein powders.